Garrett Maas

I fell in love with the trombone because I come from a family of trombone players

In the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, I was asked to pick an instrument. I was sure I wanted to play the trombone. Unfortunately, at that age, one’s arm is too short to reach all of the positions. So, my music instructor recommended that I start with a baritone. In 5th grade, I started playing the trombone and never looked back!

I continued to play in high school first in concert band and Big Band Jazz Ensemble. I was also a member of the jazz ensemble at my university. Despite my ongoing love for music, I didn’t play regularly again until I joined Centennial’s brass ensemble.

I had a connection with Warren through the Centennial Chancel Choir, so it seemed like a great opportunity to branch out into a new style of music with the Stompers.